Looking Glass Lives


Stories within stories, secrets buried for generations, and the ghostly presence of a tragic figure from Civil War times haunts a seaside Rhode Island town and the lives of sexually precocious cousins Roger and Chas Lynch. When grown up Roger returns to live in the town's "haunted house" with his new wife, he discovers its cruel story. And the cousin's love triangle plays out eternal cycles of passion, jealousy, and perhaps also redemption.

Published by Bold Strokes Books

Pub Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-602820760
ISBN-10: 1-60282-076-7
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Acclaim for Felice Picano's Work

"Felice Picano is a premier voice in gay letters"  - Malcolm Boyd, Contemporary Authors

 Felice Picano is "...a leading light in the gay literary world... his glints of flashing wit and subtle hints of dark decadence transcend cliches." - Richard Violette, Library Journal

 "Felice Picano is one hell of a writer!"  - Stephen King