Editor & Agent

In addition to being an author, Felice Picano is an established freelance editor, and most recently agented Paul Faraday's first novel to publication.

Felice's experience as an editor began when he became publisher of the Seaorse Press in 1977, and in 1979 began publishing books by authors such as Dennis Cooper, Doric Wilson, Brad Gooch, Clark Henley, Martin Duberman and Robert Gluck, all of which he edited for publication.

The prize winning Seahorse Press was followed by The Gay Presses of New York where Picano was Editor in Chief. He brought in and prepped many manuscripts such as Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song Trilogy. 

Picano was also Books Editor for The New York Native from 1982, where he was responsible for editing authors including Susan Sontag, Richard Sennett, Edmund White and Andrew Holleran. 

Approached by many first and second time authors at various lectures and writers’ conferences, Picano decided in 2000 to selectively read, critique, and then edit and copy-edit no more than two books annually by other writers. Some of these books were already slotted for publication, others not.

Word got around and manuscripts poured in. In 2009, Picano edited Paul Farady’s first novel, the humorous, gay-themed mystery, The Straight Shooter.  When Faraday was unable to find a publisher for the book, Picano got one for him and helped prepare contracts, publicity, readings, etc. The book was published in December 2010, by Bold Strokes Books.  Other recent titles Picano worked on include Carlos Mock’s history, Cuba Libre and Tom Baker’s Madison Avenue novel, The Sound of One Horse Clapping.

If you are a new or published author and want to obtain his editorial services, please contact him <here>

Felice will read and critique your manuscript for what many find a manageable, fixed price and then if he decides he can help make it a publishable book, he will take it on as an editing project for a price to be determined.